Bell + Howell

Bell + Howell Infrared Night Vision Camcorder

Bell+Howell's new DNV16HDZ 1080p NIGHT VISION camcorder captures videos and pictures, day or night. It is Bell+Howell's new and improved night vision camcorder with 16 megapixels FULL HD video resolution, 10x Optical Zoom and 120X digital zoom, and longer battery light in night vision mode. An Infrared LED, with up to 16 feet of coverage, and a 3-Inch Wide-Screen Touch LCD are ideal for night scenes and low-light conditions. With the 64GB capacity dual SD storage slots you can record hours of video and thousands of pictures.The camcorder includes a high-capacity Li-ion battery, charger, case, image editing software, and HDMI, A/V and USB cables.

Feature Spec