VGear 7-in Friction Arm

The VGear 7 inch friction arm makes mounting your video accessories simple and easy. You can mount pretty much anything, from a microphone to a flash, using this sturdy and easily adjustable arm. The arm pivots from 0-90 degree and rotates a full 360 degree, giving you unlimited options on how to position the attached accessory. In addition to the universal quarter inch male threads, this friction arm features a hot-shoe mount adapter that will attach to the camera and a female coupler. An ergonomic knob controls the entire arm for simple operation and maneuvering, while rotatable ball and socket joints attach to your DSLR and accessory. VGear's 7 inch friction arm is stress tested and can hold up to 5.5 pounds. For the cinematographers & videographers, both professional; amateur, and novice, your gear won't be complete without VGear! It is also available in the 11 inch model.

Feature Spec